Association for Sustainable Communities

The ASC is focused on researching, implementing and promoting solutions that address sustainability holistically, bringing people together to find solutions.


The Association for Sustainable Communities Inc was established in 2007 as a not-for-profit, environmental organisation building relocalised communities that are socially, culturally, financially and ecologically sustainable.

Modeling Sustainable Community

Enterprise development at Bellbunya is at the very initial stages, with encouragement from the community and the Association for Sustainable Communities Inc (ASC) to develop collaborative sustainable enterprises. Those currently in the start-up phases include a local-food experience restaurant and development of the eco-retreat and sustainability conference centre in conjunction with the ASC.

More About Bellbunya


We are partnered with the Sustainable Living Association Inc in our eco-agriculture projects and gratefully acknowledge their support in helping to maintain our 40 acre Bellbunya property. We are actively seeking partnerships of people who are looking to run organic, biodynamic and/or permaculture workshops and who are looking for a living, growing eco-venue.

More About Partnerships

Sustainability Centre

The Association has been established to further an ecologically sustainable future, by environmental, social, technological, economical, cultural and spiritual means. In December, 2008 we purchased Bellbunya, an elevated 40 acre property located in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, 10 minutes drive from Eumundi and close to trains and bus services.

Sustainable Agriculture

Bellbunya aims to provide 90% of all fresh fruit and vegetables consumed by the Association for Sustainable Communities Inc, the Bellbunya Community, the Sustainable Kitchen food restaurant and the the Eco-Conference centre from its 40 acre site. Additionally, the land will provide income opportunities from farm forestry, native bush tucker and more.